In the Kindergarten we work with 3 very important principles: Rhythm, Reverence and Repetition.
It is through these principles that we structure the rhythm of kindergarten.
Children learn through imitation and that’s why our team is constantly working on self-education, so that we can be worthy examples for children to imitate. We also greatly value free play and its pivotal role in healthy development during childhood.
In the Kindergarten we take the time to play and grow. Much of what we with the children are the actual tasks of daily life, such as :. Cutting fruit, tidying up and cleaning our room, sewing, making bread, gardening, etcetera

The Rhythms
The Rhythm of the seasons

The whole experience of the Human being and life on our planet is cyclical. In kindergarten we learn to observe and adapt to cycles through the experience of the seasons. These are our teacher and everything in the garden is based on the celebration of each season in due time. Our room breathes the seasons through color, decoration, activities, festivities, stories, songs, poetry and of course through our garden where plants, flowers and trees are the first to announce the change from season to another.


(Photos of playing in park. Classroom 2 each)
Playing is learning through action, a job that children take very seriously. In play are foundations of imagination, creativity, problem-solving, inter-help, sharing, creative thinking among others … It is our conviction that the kindergarten should offer children a wide range of opportunities to play and to work in real activities related to the world of adults that children naturally seek to imitate. This is how motor and cognitive abilities develop at the child’s own pace. We try to surround the real children, which is why all the materials we use to play come from nature (wool, wood, beeswax, silk, cotton),

The physical space

(Photos of children playing in classroom )
The Sun Room, welcomes children from 3 to 6 years old, every morning from 9am to 1:30 p.m. A large room, intended for moments of free play and moments guided by the educator, such as the Wheel of the morning, or daily activities, such as watercolor painting, modeling, making bread, etc.

Hours of opening for kg
Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 1.30pm .


160 euro per month from Sept to jun. Snack and lunch not included.

150 euro one time registration fee including insurance, materials. Membership and administration fee

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