The goal of the Waldorf Pedagogy is to educate the human being through Art. All activities have the artistic element as a base and, through this element, seek to develop the knowledge that will act in the child’s thinking in general, stimulating his love of neighbor and respect for nature. The curriculum provides a broad overview of the subjects and the acquisition of general knowledge, as well as preparing for the exercise of citizenship.
All the learning of this age group, are focused on the image that THE WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL. The harmony and mysteries that the world and nature present us, provoke in the child a constant joy of discovering new beauties and new enigmas.
Teaching learning is a constant task of the teacher, taking advantage of the child’s surroundings, his experiences and his hidden knowledge, as a basis for the subject / contents to be developed, respecting the interests of the child’s own age and the rhythm of each child.
So, in any of the blocks of the different learning areas, we always start by observing and experiencing what surrounds us, according to the purpose of this block, inserting ourselves in the rhythm of nature (season, month, week …), leaving always what she gives us at that moment and what each child already knows about it.

Purposes and Objectives:
This year children make the important transition from kindergarten to school, where formal education begins. The teacher takes children to a first experience of the shapes, sounds and sequence of letters and numerical symbols, using pictures, rhymes and stories.
Children learn to recognize them and memorize them with the practice of repetition that includes movement, lines, drawings, and painting. In this first year of school tuma achieves good living habits and work in the classroom will form the basis of all schooling they will have together.
The 1st and next year’s attitude and values ​​goals are to cultivate reverence for nature, caring for the environment, respect for others, interest in the world, and a sense of trust in your teachers. The purpose of teachers is to get children to become a socially cohesive group where their members are able to listen and care for each other.

Teaching in Times / Main Class
The division of the subjects into 45-minute classes, distributed during the week, was replaced by “Principal Classes” and Teaching in Times. The materials can be approached in depth every morning for three or four weeks in periods of 110 minutes. After these weeks, what has been learned is then taken to “forgetfulness”, that is, the content is allowed to rest in the child. While this content rests a new matter begins. This method leads to consolidation of the matter in question.

The progress of children is described in detail in handwritten newsletters, in which social skills and virtues such as perseverance, interest, self-motivation, and willpower are mentioned. Thus, it is sought to create a general image of the development of the child in the period.

The physical space

(Photos of children playing in classroom )
The Carvalho Room, welcomes children from 7 to 8 years old, every morning from 9am to 1:30 p.m, from January 2019 onwards, there will be 2 days till 3.30pm.  A large room, intended for moments of free play and moments guided by the educator, such as the Wheel of the morning, or daily activities, such as watercolor painting, modeling, making bread, etc.

Teacher  Claudia Dinis 

Hours of opening for Primary Class
Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 1.30pm .

From January 2019 onwards, there will be 2 afternoon classes per week till 3.30pm.


180 euro per month from Sept to Jun. Snack and lunch not included.

150 euro one time registration fee including insurance, materials, membership and administration fee

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